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Sceenshot A3 CANVAS prints here.

Headtracker Head tracking unit, with latest (Magnetometer) MPU-9250 Compact headtracker v2.

(Pre built DIY edtracker)


£36.50 post & packing included will post worldwide.

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This is a pre built DIY open source EDtracker and has nothing to do with the creators of the EDTracker project or EDTracker LTD.

This device with a (9250 magnetometer) doesn't suffer from axis drift over extended periods oftime.
Re-centering during gameplay is done buy binding a function key in the edtracker software.
The unit will arrive flashed with the latest firmware and calibrated, just install the Arduino drivers and edtracker (GUI) and you are good to go.

A recalibration is recomended.

This device is compatible with USB 2.0 ( USB 3.0 may have issues on some computers ) edtracker software for calibration and supports Freetrack and opentrack.

I include instructions for the software downloads and elite-dangerous set up .
Games that support Trackir or Freetrack can also make use of edtracker via Opentrack.

Some supported games include: There are many more.
Arma 2.
Arma 3.
DCS World.
Elite: Dangerous.
Euro Truck Simulator 2.
F1 2013.
Flight Simulator X.
Project Cars.

* Dimensions 49x27x14mm ultra small enclosure and weights only 12 grams.
* MPU-9250 (accelerometer/gyroscope/magnetometer version, Pro Micro 5v/16MHz.
* Micro USB port connection, Cable not included.
* Includes sticky sided Velcro pads for attaching to headphones.
* Includes 3x cable ties.
* Instructions included.

The tracker will be carefully wrapped and sent by first class international post. £36.50 post & packing included will post worldwide.