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Edtracker Instructions. For Elite Dangerous.

First download and install the arduino drivers for windows here.
Then download the EDtracker2-GUI-V4.0.4.zip (GUI) "graphical user interface".
Plug in your edtracker windows will recognize it as (edtracker2) in device manager, open the edtracker (GUI) keep the unit still and run (auto gyro bias). Change the settings as you wish , a video for calibration can be found here
To flash the unit select (EDTracker2_9250 4.0.5) from the drop down list in the edtracker (GUI)
This version is the latest (9250) and not the 9150 shown in the video, calibration is done the same way as in the video
Elite: Dangerous is supported without any software or drivers. You can map headlook to the analogue axes of the EDTracker directly. This is done within the CONTROLS screen in game menu.
Make sure you configure the button to enable headlook ("TOGGLE HEAD LOOK"); you will need to press this once at the start of your game to turn headlook on. You can bind it to a key on your keyboard, or a button on your joystick/etc.
Set headlook mode to DIRECT and do NOT use ACCUMULATE.
Do not bind the EDTracker to LOOK LEFT/LOOK RIGHT/LOOK UP/LOOK DOWN - these are for use with buttons. You want to bind the EDTracker to the "LOOK UP & DOWN AXIS" and "LOOK LEFT & RIGHT AXIS" settings. Disable MOUSE headlook. If you don't want the side panels to open when you look right and left they can be turned off in the ED controls.
If you get any wobble in game just re-run (auto gyro bias) in the edtracker gui and all should be good. Also leave the gui software program open while playing just minimize to task-bar.